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Get To Know Our Proud Partners


Pinnacle Prospects are proud partners with cutting edge baseball technology companies Rapsodo and HitTrax as well Anchor Bats, a company specializing in apparel and baseball bats.


HitTrax provides real-time stats and key performance metrics, along with powerful video analysis, trend reports and more. Used in house at Pinnacle by our hitters, it records exit velocity, launch angle, distance, point of impact, play outcome, strike zone analysis, and high speed video with integrated metrics.  It's patented technology provides a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters player engagement and a meaningful connection with instruction. HitTrax provides analysis in all facets of the game to include hitting, catching, and pitching. 

Rapsodo, used by our pitchers in house at Pinnacle, helps our guys to design their perfect pitch. Rapsodo's unit and intuitive, easy-to-use app provides instant data on pitch velocity, spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, and spin efficiency, as well as strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break , 3D trajectory, and now release information. See any pitch from side, top, pitcher or catch views, and track progress over time with historical and statistical analysis to ensure our athletes are getting the most out of their arm. 

Anchor Bats Company, displayed and used proudly in our facility and by our athletes, is a father-son founded baseball company focused on improving the game and producing high-quality products with a purpose! The company is fueled by a passion for the game and we are proud to have them on board!

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