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About Our Facility

Pinnacle Prospects is a private training center in the metro Atlanta area that offers a comprehensive, full service approach to player development. The facility is 10,000 square feet and includes baseball specific training, speed and strength training, physical therapy, nutrition, and college recruiting advisory. Since 2005, Pinnacle has assisted hundreds of players in their journeys to college and professional baseball. With the help of Pinnacle, our athletes have achieved over $4 million in college scholarship awards. Additionally, over 50 of our athletes have been selected in the MLB amateur draft. We use a variety of technology to assist in the analyzation and improvement of our players. We use technology such as K-MOTION, Hit Trax, and Rapsodo in our facility. 


About Our Coaches

Pinnacle has a 5 man staff with the following credentials: CSCS (strength and conditioning), NASM (strength and conditioning), Precision Nutrition Level 1 (allows us to write nutritional content and advise clients on meal plans), and FMS Level 1 (functional movement screen used for assessments and movements). Additionally, we have specialists on site to work with our players with the following credentials: DC (chiropractor), PT (physical therapy), and PhD (exercise science).


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